ABOUT ExperienceFunding.ca

  • In today’s world, there are many challenges & opportunities to not–for- profits/charitable organizations. Executive Directors, Board Members and volunteers are always searching for new and dynamic ways to raise money. For centuries, Not for Profits and Charities have been a critical part of helping our community’s youth, disabled, sick, and homeless. They are a vital component of regional growth and stability. Our mission is to assist these organizations to raise the funds they need to continue to help our communities.
  • Founder Sean Fleming has been involved with Not for Profits for over 35 years as either a member of a sports team, coach, manager or volunteer. Sean’s vision is for ExperienceFunding.ca to partner with not-for- profits/charities and help them maximize fundraising activities. ExperienceFunding.ca services will revolve around our unique software that has been tested and approved by local government. Our software allows ExperienceFunding.ca to provide a web based platform for raffle fundraising events. Our software creates a URL to a specific campaign where e-tickets are purchased for the raffle based fundraising campaign. Each campaign will be selling e-tickets for a major prize(s) decided on by the not-for-profit/charity.
  • Fundraising is as easy as sharing the link through email and other social media platforms.
  • All e-tickets sold are processed through a credit card payment system (www.Stripe.com/ca). Provincial & State Law dictates that all e-tickets being purchased MUST be associated to a credit card that has a mailing address associated to the Province/State where the campaign is being held. Our software is built around this compliance.
  • All funds raised through our software will be deposited directly into the not-for- profits/charity’s bank account. ExperienceFunding.ca will invoice our clients after a campaign has been completed.
  • Fundraising Campaigns using ExperienceFunding.ca’s software are projected to generate anywhere from $25,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 in direct revenue for the not-for- profits and charities.

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